A Tree of Life to Remember Our Loved Ones

By: kjc
12/02/20 15:37

Honoring a loved one or celebrating a family's important life event.

Tree of Life Endowment Trust 

Grace Church has established the Tree of Life Endowment Trust that allows parishioners and others to celebrate and honor family and friends and at the same time financially support the Church now and into the future.

The Tree of Life is located on a wall within the Church and is populated with leaves, acorns, stones and miniature trees each baring a message and name honoring a loved one or celebrating a family's important life event.  Being remembered on our Tree of Life means that you and your family's name will always be present at Grace Church. Also the monies contributed will be held in perpetuity, invested with the interest going back to the fund and toward church operating costs.

The acorns and other adornments can be purchased, engraved and installed on the Tree. Each Year new postings will be honored during a special Tree of Life Mass.  The Tree will also help us to record the families and individuals who are a part of the history of Grace Church.

Prices and more detailed information can be obtained by contacting  Fr. Walter at the Church Office.