Sunday School Programs

Update -June  2014

Sunday School Registration - Sunday Sepember 7th

Sunday School began September 14th


God's Blessings to those who made their Confirmation in May.

Zack Avakian, Natalie Carozza, Nicole Dahlquist, Peter Dugan, Elizabeth Havjar, Daniel Lazzaro, Michael Rodriguez, Erin Ryan, Jamie Smith, Richard Begandy was Received.

And to those children who made their First Holy Communion:

Connor Brown, Mattheo Camacho, Chloe Findlay, Cole DePaolis, Dylan Hafke, Jackson Hodge, Gianna Hunt, Samantha Huyler, Aidan Kruysman, Isabella Margulis, Trey Parker, Hailey Ward

Youth Sunday - Since September, 2013 the third Sunday of the month has been Youth Sunday, where the young people of the Church and Day School will be welcomed to participate in the 10:00 service as lectors, ushers and as choir members. Speak to your child's Sunday School teacher regarding details and opportunities  for your child to be part of the service. 

Sunday School at Grace

The first Sunday school dates back to the 1760's in Buckinghamshire, England. Its focus was the same as today's to offer meaningful instruction concerning the Christian doctrine.

Grace Church Parish along with our congregation's parents has an obligation to instill in our children the importance of the Christian faith and how that faith is observed and celebrated within the Episcopal Church.   We strive to teach children at an early age about the importance of faith in their daily lives, along with the teachings of Christ Our Savior.

Sunday School classes help to create the Christian foundation that parents can build upon to teach their children the basic Christian values that will guide them through life and thereafter.

Classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:00 during the school term. Groups are divided by grades with children from ages 3 to 16 taught by parish members.  The experience is uplifting and fun for children -- learning through words, activities and music about God, Christ Our Savior and the Episcopal Church.  Classes are also held to prepare children for Communion and Confirmation making them full members of the Episcopal Church and Grace Parish.  All children are welcome. Sunday School is under the direction of Lisa Dugan, 516/570-1140.