Welcome Message from The Rev. Walter V. Hillebrand, Priest-in-Charge


April 3, 2013

Dear Grace Church Parish family,

The Lord be with you.

Know that I feel truly humbled to be called to be the Priest-in-Charge of Grace Church, Massapequa.  It is a very exciting opportunity to walk with each other in this journey of shared ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank the Wardens and Vestry.  It is through your excellent search process including interviews and follow up meetings as well as prayerful discernment that God has led us together.  I must admit that I fell in love with this community the very first time I met with you.  It sparked a fire in my heart and a deep desire to personally get to know each individual member of this lovely parish.  

Many thanks to the previous Rector, The Rev. Joshua D. Walters, the Supply Priest, The Rev. Dr. John P. McGinty,  as well as the Interim Rector, The Rev. Dr. Charles R. Colwell for their faithful service to Grace Church, Massapequa.

Grace Church Massapequa is a great place to be!  Even though my wife Aissa and I leave our current parish families with heavy and sad hearts, we are thrilled to become part of Grace, a church community that has such vital and active ministries.  You are significantly contributing to the greater good of the community and the kingdom of God.  Your core ministry of educating and taking care of our children makes a difference in our society.  In addition, other services such as donating food and offering clothing and many other affordable items to the community through the Thrift Shop ministry makes you truly the hand and feet of Jesus Christ in this world.

My sisters and brothers in Christ we have a wonderful opportunity and amazing future ahead of us.  Together, as the people of God, we will be able to make Grace Church an even more attractive place of education and worship, thus, welcoming individuals and families into its sacred space and its warm and loving community.

God’s Love and Peace,

The Rev. Walter V. Hillebrand, Priest-in-Charge

Friend, Family, and Humble Servant


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