WHY DO WE GO TO CHURCH? A Question from Ken Cynar, warden, Grace Episcopal Church

By: kcynar

10/04/17 11:00 AM
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There are as many answers to this question as there are passages in the Bible.


A Question from Ken Cynar, warden, Grace Episcopal Church,  Massapequa, NY

There are as many answers to this question as there are passages in the Bible.  Every one of us has their own reason for entering God's house each Sunday.

What is yours?  Have you ever thought about it?

Just as we consume food to give our bodies energy or exercise to keep all the parts working, we must also provide our spirit with nourishment.  Modern life never seems to fail to generate  stresses and challenges that require decisions, choices and actions that can burden us all.   

Your job,  family, school, housework, neighbors, or just growing up or growing old set obstacles in  your path each and every day. Many days we just glide over, under, around or through them all....some days we are baffled by them and are confused as what to do. They take their toll on us all. They damage our spirit and  depress us, sometimes very deeply.

Just as we recharge the battery in our cars to keep them going, we must  all recharge our spirit through our faith in the Lord, our God.  We must have faith that He will help us and guide us to meet life's challenges and provide us with  inner peace.

Through prayers, through scripture, through lessons from sermons and of course through music, our  spirits can be lifted during our Sunday in church. But we must first open our hearts and let God shine upon us; we cannot close him out. 

Our problems don't go away, our challenges do not disappear, but our ability to meet them head on or resolve them  to our satisfaction increases  fifty fold when our spirits are  lifted and our minds are clear.

During that hour in Church we can be transformed, granted inner peace and start our spirits soaring above us.

Above all, that hour in church can give us the hope that we all crave, that through God's help and our own energy and spirit everything will be OK for at least another week or so. Or until life throws another challenge or obstacle in our path.

Join your Church family each Sunday and  let the Lord into your life to lift your spirit, and turn  all those challenges and obstacles into just bumps in life's road.