The New Grace Church Carillon

By: kcynar

08/02/17 08:40 AM
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Grace Church Carillon expected to be delivered and installed this Fall.

Dating back more than 150 years, Grace Church always had a Church bell or an electronic bell carillon sounding its presence to the greater Massapequa community. Unfortunately, years ago our carillon fell into disrepair and due to its age was unable to be restored. Funding priorities of several Rectors prevented the purchase of a new carillon system.

Several months ago Lovey Bryson came to us and expressed her interest in starting a fund to purchase and reinstall the electronic carillon bell system at Grace. She and her husband Gene generously made a starter donation.  Shortly thereafter Gene, passed away and family and friends added additional monies to that fund.

Vestry member Barbara DesRault and our Music Minister David Hairston II were assigned to research and select an appropriate carillon system to be purchased, when and if, additional funds were raised.   After reviewing several systems and talking to company representatives, they selected the manufacturer with the best reputation, the best sound reproduction and the product that best fit our needs. It was presented to the Vestry and all agreed that the Adagio Carillon system made by the Verdin was the one that should be purchased.  All that was needed was the raising of the money over the next several years. We thank Barbara and David for their work.

 Last month, after discussions within her family,  Lovey contacted us again and indicated she and her family would like to donate $10,000 to the fund and have the Church purchase and install the carillon as soon as possible.

I am proud to announce today that the Vestry has accepted her donation and the Grace Church Carillon has been ordered and is expected to be delivered and installed this Fall.

Plans are first to be respectful of our neighbors. We will use the carillon to sound at weddings,  funerals and special services and to toll each day at 12:00 noon, 33 secs. of the hymn Amazing Grace. 

We are deeply appreciative of the generosity of Lovey Bryson and her family for this gift that will restore a once familiar "voice" to Grace Church within our community.

A plaque will be dedicated and placed in an appropriate place in the Narthex announcing to all the "Grace Church Bryson Family Carillon donated by the Bryson Family and their friends."


Listen to the Carillon

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