The Bryson Family Carillon Dedication April 29th

By: kcynar

04/03/18 06:54 PM
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"Grace Church Bryson Family Carillon given by the Bryson Family and their friends."

The Bryson Family Carillon Dedication April 29th

During a visit with Lovey Bryson she shared with Fr. Walter her childhood memories of Grace Church and expressed that she misses listening to the Grace’s Church bell.  The sound of the bell was always there, first through an actual bell and later through an electronic carillion.  For over 150 years, Grace’s church bell was a consistent reminder for the community that God is present with us.  

After the Church bell fell into disrepair the community began to get used to the stillness during middays and on Sundays.  Years later, when Fr. Walter came to Grace, he asked about the Church bell, but not many seemed to see this project as a priority for our church.  After a few phone calls and estimates to install the pieces, it became clear that the investment would have been too large to repair Grace’s historic bell.

On another visit with Lovely, she expressed to Fr. Walter her deepest desire to bring the Church bell back.  A few month later, she called the church all excited and committed together with her family to donate a brand new bell system.  She wanted to do something lasting for the Church in remembrance of her beloved husband Gene and the Bryson family.

Here is the exciting news:  on Sunday, April 29 the Bryson Carillon will be officially dedicated as part of the 10:00am service.  Joined by parishioners, friends and the Bryson family, Fr. Walter will bless this generous gift that will sound for generations throughout Massapequa.

We are deeply appreciative of the generosity of Lovey Bryson and her family for this gift that will restore a once familiar "voice" to Grace Church within our community.

A plaque will be dedicated and placed in an appropriate place in the Narthex announcing to all the "Grace Church Bryson Family Carillon given by the Bryson Family and their friends."