Reverse Advent Calendar Food Drive

11/08/20 05:13 PM
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Food Drive with Island Harvest

Reverse Advent Calendar Food Drive


Dear Grace Families:

A friend of ours, Lorne Winner, sent this Reverse Advent Calendar to us.  She saw it online and hoped that Grace Church would incorporate it as an outreach project.   

With unemployment so high and food lines all over our country, we felt it was important for us to count our blessings and take up the challenge to fill a box for a family less fortunate than ours with the suggested items listed on the calendar.  We are hoping you will join us, and perhaps while you are working on your family box, you will pass the idea along to other family members, friends and neighbors.   Just imagine what we could accomplish if everyone joined in! 


Please be sure that none of your food items are open or expired.  Your box may be dropped off at Grace Church on Wednesday, December 23, between 8 AM and 2 PM to Mike Marcotrigiano.  Weather permitting, there will be a canopy and tables set up in the southwest corner of the parking lot where the no parking barricades are.  If we are fortunate enough to collect 500 lbs. of food, Island Harvest will make a pick-up from Grace; otherwise, we will drop our collection to the Island Harvest warehouse in Uniondale.  

As we prepare for Christmas, may this season of Advent be one of hope and thankfulness for you and your families!

Thank you,

Debi & Richie Csajko


Reverse Advent Calendar Food Drive With Island Harvest

Each day add an item to a box. On December 23rd bring the box of  food to Grace Church Massapequa parking lot, 23 Cedar Shore Drive between  8:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The collective donations will be sent to Island Harvest to help our fellow Long Islanders in need.

December 1   -         box of cereal

December 2   -         peanut butter

December3   -          stuffing mix

December 4   -         boxed potatoes

December 5   -         macaroni and cheese

December 6   -         canned fruit

December 7   -         canned tomatoes

December 8   -         canned tuna

December 9   -         dessert mix

December 10  -        jar of applesauce

December 11  -        canned sweet potatoes

December 12  -        cranberry sauce

December 13  -        canned beans

December 14  -        box of crackers

December 15  -        package of rice

December 16  -        package of oatmeal

December 17  -        package of pasta

December 18  -        spaghetti sauce

December 19  -        chicken noodle soup

December 20  -        tomato soup

December 21  -        can of corn

December 22  -        can of mixed vegetables

December 23  -        can of carrots