Grace Church Opening for In-Church Services, Zooming & Live Streaming


09/08/20 01:09 PM
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Grace Church Opening for In-Church Services Sunday

The good news is that we will be returning to our beloved Church for in-Church Services, the not so good news is that we will be returning to Church for in-Church Services with restrictions.

We are entering a new, yet uncharted world of Sunday Services in our Church. State regulations coupled with Diocese directives will make the Services different from what we are used to. First and foremost, I ask you all to be patient during this difficult time. The rules are changing as we speak and what we do one Sunday may be something different the following Sunday.

Here is an outline for what you can expect when you attend Services at Grace. Neither the Vestry nor your Rector have promulgated these rules and regulations. Bemoaning them is counterproductive; adhering to them is essential to protect everyone's health and safety.

What can you expect when you enter Church? Everyone must wear a mask covering the nose and mouth and follow social distancing when on campus (inside and outside of church). Upon entering you will have your temperature checked (If you have a temperature you will not be admitted.) You will be checked off or signed in that you are in the building. (This is required if there must be a tracing of participants.) You will be escorted to your seat by an usher down the main aisle. People will be seated from front to back and dismissed from back to front to maintain social distancing. We will utilize every other pew center or ends. There can be no congregating in the Narthex before or after services.

What is the service content? Services will last approximately 30 mins. Many of the dearly loved liturgical parts will not be used during this time. For example, there will be no Holy Eucharist, there will be no lay ministers, no choir or singing. We will meet as a faith community to worship God in prayers.

What have we done to protect you when you are in Church? We will apply all of the above State and Diocese Rules and regulations. If you feel you cannot adhere to them, please do not come to Church. The Church will be cleaned before Sunday Services with a special device to disinfect and sanitize the air and on surfaces. Access to the church will be restricted between cleaning and Sunday Services. All air conditioning and heating will be shut off during services to prevent the blowing of air around the church. There are automatic non-touch hand sanitizers available in the Narthex for before and after the service. We have followed all the State and Diocese Directives, but we need your cooperation to keep us all safe.

With limited seating how do we control church attendance? Unfortunately, according to the guidelines we only will be able to gather in groups of a maximum of 25 participants per worship. This means that we need to plan ahead of time. If you plan to attend on a particular Sunday, please send an email to Charisse Isip at  by Friday at noon. We would need the name of all participants of your family, the phone number, address, and if available an email address. We also need to know which service you would like to attend. If we are maxed out on one service you might be able to switch to the other service or participate on Zoom or our live stream. We expect a modest turnout and we will do our best to seat everyone who wants to attend.

When will Services be held? On Sunday, September 20th services will be at 8:00 am and 9:00 am. The 8:00 am service will be in person with up to 25 participants. The 9:00 am service will be in person up to 25 participants and from home on Zoom and on Live stream. 



What about Zoom? We have been zooming the 9:00 am service for the past six months and we will continue to Zoom. This Sunday, September 20th at 9:00 am we will zoom from the Church. Information will be provided through usual channels.

What about Live Streaming? In addition to Zoom, we have had new equipment donated and have some on loan to begin a live stream of the 8:50 am for the 9:00 am Service. You will be provided through Realm or the Church Web site a URL that will enable you to view the church service (view only) from anywhere that has a computer or mobile device. This is something new for Grace, but our experience with Zoom and discussions with other Churches and the response to YouTube posts have demonstrated a need.

Link -  HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/EVENT/286891

Christian Education:  Classes are being held Sundays at 9:45 on Zoom; use same sign on as for Sunday Services on Zoom.

What about our seniors?  We are acutely aware of the vulnerability of our seniors to the Coronavirus and Church attendance does offer some risk and possible exposure, but as adults we all have to make our own choices.

Many of us want to have things go back the way they were. Unfortunately, some things will return but others will not. Over the next several months please be patient. We are hopeful that rules and restrictions will lessen as both a vaccine and a protocol cure will reduce the danger of the coronavirus.

We will continue to improve our services as conditions improve so all can be in Church together safely. Till then be safe, follow the rules and continue keeping God in your life.

sincerely, Ken Cynar Warden