Harvest Fair Update - Comfort Food Donations

08/05/22 01:26

Donations Needed

Comfort Food Donations Needed

Please consider bringing a comfort food dinner to donate at the 2022 Graceful Harvest Fair on Saturday, September 24th.  When you make a dinner for your family a day or two before the fair, please make a little extra to donate a meal or two to the Comfort Food Booth.  Donations of homemade casseroles, pastas, stews, quiches, chili, soups, macaroni & cheese and/or other one-pot meals are needed.  Please put the meal into one or two portion size disposable containers ready for freezing.  Label each container with the ingredients of the meal. 

I will be collecting these meals the morning of the fair on September 24th between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. at the Comfort Food Booth.  I will keep these meals in coolers while selling them at the fair.   Our customers love the idea of buying individual meals that can be eaten that day or frozen for a fast dinner in the future.   

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS TABLE.  If you do come to church, there is a sign-up poster in the narthex.  If you do on line service, please try to help out with this donation.  I sell as much food as is donated as this booth is very popular.  I hope everyone can help with at least one container of food.  Donations of whole casseroles, quiches or pot pies are also greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, Kathy Roll    221-2669